Zsuzsa Parrag (dancer, choreographer, founder of the dance school „Art Oriental“ in Berlin)

has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She has studied Oriental Dance for over 25 years in Germany and Egypt –  and Haitian dance for over 15 years at the leading dance schools in Port-au-Prince/Haiti. One of her most influential teachers is Florencia Pierre, a dancer and vodou priestess who accepted Zsuzsa as a private student and initiated her into the ritual origins of the dances. Florencia teaches that you can only get to the essence of the dances when you abandon pure technique and understand the spiritual function of the dances in Vodou. In response to this realisation, Zsuzsa has undertaken extensive Haitian travel and research into the vodou religion in the context of dance. In 2010, Zsuzsa worked with the Ethnological Museum of Berlin on the „Haitian Vodou, Art & Worship“ exhibition. Her intricate knowledge of Haiti’s rich but often misunderstood Vodou culture is further reflected in, and disseminated via her dance theatre pieces.


Alexandros Gkountinakis
Alexandros Gkountinakis
dancer, performer, teacher
Founding member, choreographer and dancer of the Dance group
“Aniline Dancetheatre, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Was born 23/7/1977 and raised in Thessaloniki ,Greece. He studied greek folk dances(1983-1995), contemporary dance, classical ballet and modern jazz(1999-2005). From 2006 till today he works as a professional dancer (National Theatre of Northern Greece, Dancers of the noth, Dada-art, Aniline dancetheatre with plays and participations at the 1st contemporary dance festival of Thessaloniki,
12th&13th festival of greek choreographers) and as a dancing teacher. He participated in dancing workshops with (David Zambrano,Ioannis Karounis,Edie Lame, Ermis Malkotsis, Tasos Karaxalios, Christina Sougioultzi, Camilo Bentancor, Tobiah Booth-remmers) and Haitian vodou dance with Zsuzsa Parrag.