The camp

Would you like to dance in the sun by the ocean, surrounded by the most beautiful nature? Then we’d like to warmly invite you to register and participate in our first Luna Dance Camp in Vourvourou/ Greece. Come and dance with us underneath the shady pines, in a large garden, a stone´s throw away from the enchanting Karidi beach.

You can expect amicable meetings, holistically designed dance workshops, ecstatic drumming, and a magical new moon ritual by the sea! It all takes place in the most beautiful part of Halkidiki.
Our hosts are the warm-hearted couple Angela and Wassilis. They are looking forward to spoiling us with Greek hospitality.
There is a shared kitchen and bathroom in the house as well as a few large refrigerators where you  can store your groceries.

Vourvourou is a very charming village by the sea, with wonderful beaches and crystal clear water. It´s located on the second peninsula of Halkidiki. It’s one hour drive from Thessaloniki International Airport. You can reach Vourvourou easily by bus as well.


Buses from Thessaloniki central bus station to Vourvourou to Dionysos supermarket (please double check one day before you travel)


8.45 Uhr

11.15 Uhr

14.30 Uhr

from Vourvourou/ Dionysos Supermarket to Thessaloniki

12.30 Uhr

15.00 Uhr

18.30 Uhr

Price: 13.30 €

Learn more about the Workshops

You can sign up for the dance camp here Registration