Workshop 1
Ritual dance
Oriental-Haitian Fusion
led by Zsuzsa Parrag
This workshop is an invitation for  you to connect with the archaic symbolic of the moon. An invite to become one with the rhythms of nature which surround us. We will be learning different ritual movements rooted in Afro-Haitian dance and explore their deeper meaning through improvisation. Furthermore we will delve into  movements of contemporary Oriental dance and play with the powerful symbolism of spirals, circles and ecstatic movements. We will draw on our unconsciousness and transform familiar movement patterns to create our own neo-archaic dance performance.
The principle of the moon of growth and decay will be a strong source of inspiration during the whole workshop. In the evening, time will be taken to explain more about the mythology of Haitian dance and its symbols.
A few words about Haitian dance …
Haitian dance is a beautiful, ecstatic, intense Caribbean dance form. Within Haitian dance, there are many different types and styles, each with its own particular significance, reflecting certain Vodou rituals. There are specific drum rhythms for each dance style that flow exactly with the body’s movements.
We will warm up with some bodywork to connect our movement with breathing.
Participants in this workshop can expect to experience a feeling of togetherness and fun. You will leave the workshop feeling centered, the mind freed.


Workshop 2

Contemporary goes acrobatics

led by Alexandros Gkountinakis

A contemporary dance workshop with acrobatic elements, based on good preparation and body empowerment, so as to perform motion patterns of various and different techniques. In this workshop we are called to dance in the nature, to become one with it, to taste its energy and to retaliate with dance. Purpose of the workshop is to deliberate ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally within the nature, exploring our corporal limits and capabilities.

more information will follow soon